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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Google Cheat Sheet (PDF Files)

. Tuesday, April 8, 2008

ultimate google cheat sheet
I would like to thank to http://www.feedsforme.com/google/ for his complete Google Cheat Sheet. We can learn everything about uncle Goog services from the 2 pages compilation pdf files. It's really ideal for novice, intermediate and advanced Google users!

The two pages of Google Cheat Sheets cover:

1. A list of all Google domains
2. Company information
- Founded Date
- Key People
- Revenue
- Employees
- Contact Address
- Contact Phone & Fax
3. PageRank
- Googlebot 2.1 Addresses
- List of sites with PageRank 10
- PageRank formula
4. Google Form Elements
5. Google Services
6. Query structure to access directory listings of:-
- Music files
- Movie files
7. List of basic Google Calculator operators
8. List of advanced Google Search operators
9. List of Google Investments
10. List of fun Google services and tools
11. List of 15 official Google Blogs
12. Google Calculator examples
13. Search by number examples

And more!


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