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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Katharina Scholz, Germany Hockey Athlete Who Pose Nude for Playboy

. Saturday, August 16, 2008

Born in 1983 in Berlin. The German hockey team will forward with the number 14 back in 2005 Vice-European champion and 2007 European champion in Manchester. In Beijing occur to her first Olympics.
Katharina Scholz, Germany Hockey Athlete Who Pose Nude for PlayboyThe German women's hockey stay as title holders to Olympia. Katharina Scholz forward should it go again to the gold medal shoot. The mortgage is big: The German national field hockey team has at the Olympic Summer Games, Athens 2004 gold fetched. The title defense is the scale. Germany is not the classic hockey nation, but - for men and women - a major international power. Six ladies team of Katharina Scholz yet know how it feels, a gold medal around the neck to get. For Katharina Scholz from the Munich SC and the majority of its players interior would be a new experience. One, for our hockey women give everything. You know: "With a little luck in Beijing, everything is possible." The Berlin-born Spitzenathletin is on friends to come hockey sports. The sport has no tradition of her family. The reasons for their choice of sport was very simple: "The girls classical ballet or riding hobbies were simply not for me," says the 25-year-old. The Olympic preparations are so far advanced that Katharina Scholz still has "good day" in Chinese dominated. About a boycott of the Games has obviously under consideration - as many German athletes. At the end, it has despite the Tibet issue is resolved, in Beijing aufzulaufen. Also, because she believes that "the existing media presence at the games may contribute to positive changes." The focus of the last few weeks before the Olympic hockey tournament is for Katharina Scholz, as their team members, solely on the sporting preparation. Nevertheless, they tell us what many men face of this tough sport always ask: What do women really hockey below? "Underwear," says the forward, "no tank!"


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