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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Nicole Reinhardt's Pose in Playboy

. Saturday, August 16, 2008

Disciplin: Kanu

Born in 1986 in Lampertheim, begins with the seven year period canoe racing and wins until their 22nd Age already eleven gold medals at World and European championships. In Beijing, it is one in one-and four-man kayak to the gold favorites.

Nicole Reinhardt nude pose on Playboy - Germany Kanu AthleteThe canoe athlete Nicole Reinhardt could, in Beijing, together with her boyfriend, Tim Wieskötter canoeists, history. Eleven gold medals at World and European championships - most athletes would be happy her career with such extraordinary record finish. The canoeist Nicole Reinhardt is still almost at the beginning of their career. And with only 22 years their trophy cabinet already full. Almost anyway. "An absence of space zuallerletzt will fail, if I golden dozen full time in Beijing," says the Ausnahmeathletin. "And even if I have a successful canoe-grandmother should be, I think for every medal the right place."

From the beautiful grandmother Hessin still decades away, as well as the prejudices, canoe athletes have kraftstrotzende muscle mountains: "In the Canoe God is also on the technology. We have women, "she says," they have much thicker and stronger arms than me. "And at the end much less success. The men and women of the canoe federation have been a saviours of the German medal level. Nicole Reinhardt itself will play its part to this success story now. Sun, "that Beijing will be my favorite cities counts", explains the WSV Sportswoman of Lampertheim. Nicole Reinhardt can still break records. She and her life companion, the canoe-Star Tim Wieskötter, who in his career in 2004 gold won in two and is now 14 world championship titles won, could be the most successful Olympic pairs of Germany - perhaps the world -. Until then trained Nicole Reinhardt rather than Chinese courtesy formulas büffeln: "It is difficult to learn this language," she says, "than in China a gold medal to win."


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