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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Romy Tarangul, Germany Judo Athlete who Pose Nude for Playboy

. Saturday, August 16, 2008

Romy Tarangul, Germany Judo Athlete who Pose Nude for PlayboyBorn 1987 in Frankfurt. The judo athlete is studying in Berlin for sport and geography teacher. She won in Europe in the fiercely competitive 52-kilo class least the silver medal at the European Championship in Lisbon. In Beijing will support them in their first Olympics each other.

As Vice European champion leaves the 20-year-old Romy Tarangul to China. And will as many opponents on the judo mat throw. Your favorite color belt is obviously black. As for jeans, of course. As a little girl, Romy Tarangul ring still struggles with her father, an avid wrestler. Until one sees posters for judo and with the then eight-daughter first time on training runs. The Japanese martial art, the kids immediately fun. "Above all," she says, "as I sometimes put guys on the cross."

The fact that the 20-year-old Romy Tarangul from Frankfurt (Oder) is now in Beijing for Germany at the Olympics start, is for the athlete of the biggest Success in her young career. "I had not dreamed," she says, still under the impression their first podium place in a European Championship, "I suddenly belonged to the elite." Many men still have respect for the delicate woman. "The combination of martial arts and women will always be equated with unweiblichen muscle Amazons," says the Vice European champion. At least since the Romy Tarangul for us on the mat has, this should prejudice probably forever from the world.


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