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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

AdSense - How To Get More Per Click With AdSense

. Tuesday, June 3, 2008

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Many people get frustrated with low click bids on their AdSense ads. While it may seem like there is no money in AdSense, there are ways to get more per click with AdSense. Many things effect your payment per click, some things are how competitive your keywords are, how many ads you have, and relevancy. When you put all these things together, you can get more per click with AdSense in no time!

The more competitive a keyword is, the more you will get per click. For example, if your keyword is "sparks plugs for a 1978 Chevy truck", then you would have very little competition and only get a few cents per click. On the other hand, if you keyword was "make money online", there would be tons of competition and you get a lot per click. I have heard of people making two dollars per click! The problem with highly competitive keywords is that it is hard to get a lot of traffic. There will be many AdSense enthusiast going for the same keywords. To really get more per click with AdSense, you have to be good at driving traffic.

The number of ads you have on a web page can effect your payment per click as well. The more ads you have, the less quality of clicks you get. So if you have 20 ads on your web page and get about 10 cents per click, then if you had 2 ads, you would get more per click. You may get less clicks with less ads but you have to find the balance between quality and quantity. When you find that balance, you will get more per click with AdSense.

Relevance will have a big impact on getting more per click with AdSense. The more relevant your ads are, the higher quality of clicks you will get. If you are making a web page about dog training, then stay on the topic of dog training. If you trail off, you might get irrelevant ads. These ads will not be relevant to your web page and will have a low quality score. Making sure your ads stay relevant is an important step to get more per click with AdSense.

To get more per click with AdSense requires work and patients. It takes a little experimentation. Make sure you do not get stuck in a rut doing the same thing over and over. Try new things and you will get more per click with AdSense in no time!

It does take time to get more per click with AdSense but you can take a lot of that time off with the right guidance. Visit "Make More With AdSense" for great tips and tricks to get more per click with AdSense today! Thank you for reading and good luck!
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Michael_Pergrem



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