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Monday, June 2, 2008

Bike Maintenance Tips

. Monday, June 2, 2008

mototrcycle maintenance tips Like all mechanical things, a bike has to be maintained and has to be kept in peek condition at all times. It's a well known practice of taking a bike for a thorough maintenance checkup at a dealership. By regularly visiting the same dealership you know you won't be scammed and your bike is assured excellent service. Hence the first tip is to find a servicing dealership you can rely on. Always fix an appointment with your mechanic and have him go over with you what needs to be done for the bike. With him giving you a checklist on your bike, you can keep these things in mind before each ride.

Most often a bike's battery is the issue. You should know the basic ways of taking care of a motorcycle's battery. Breakdowns often happen by and large in areas where you won't find a servicing shop. Hence it's important to keep your tools handy and ready with you at all times, especially on long distance journeys. Develop a habit of checking your bike before leaving for any destination. Adhering to a monthly or even a quarterly service check can prove beneficial someday.

Tires are another important reason why most bike's breakdown. Keeping them well inflated, regularly checking the air pressure, keeping a close watch out for cuts and scrapes on the tire, replacing them sooner rather than later, makes a world of difference towards your bikes performance. A thorough checkup of the two break fluid reservoirs which flow to the front and back breaks should be done.

Make your bike fuel efficient. Ensuring that correct engine oil is used will add to the smooth performance of the bike. A thorough test for oil leakages should be done along with checking the oil levels each day before getting on the bike. While cleaning the surface of the bike, cover the ignition unit and silencer with plastic sheets so that they remain undamaged. Cleaning the bike helps maintain the surfaces finish.

The chain, the sprocket and the pinion are three essential features of the bike and if not well maintained, you may end up shelling out more money to have them replaced. Place a newspaper around the area surrounding the chain so as not to dirty the other areas. The chain should be well lubricated and spinning the back tire ensures the sprocket and pinion are also lubricated. This process is best done when the chain is still warm after a ride.

There are some people who manage to have shiny bikes all the time. Using a toothbrush in between spokes is also an effective method or you can even use a shoe buffing brush. Soapy water is effective when mixed with paraffin when washing the bike. While cleaning be careful with the internal wiring as they are prone to short circuits if not done correctly. Keep a look out for loose wiring, missing bolts, loose screws, leakages, battery corrosion and other nitty-gritty details. Thus ensuring happy riding.

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