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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

How To Search Certain Files on Rapidshare

. Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Rapidshare is the most wellknown online mega files hosting. Ofcourse, it's a paradise for everyone to donwload any certain files needed, such ebooks, video, film, music, MP3, movie etc. Then,... how to search the file from Google search? Don't worry, it's not too difficult. Follow this simple tips to search the files from your favourite downlaod site, youtube.
Search Certain Files on Rapidshare

searching all files type (all extensions .*) :

.* site:rapidshare.de

searching music files format (mp3/wma/ogg) :

+inurl:wmamp3ogg site:rapidshare.de

searching movie files (avi/mpg/wmv):

+inurl:avimpgwmv site:rapidshare.de

searching program file (exe) and archive file (zip/rar)

+inurl:exerarzip site:rapidshare.de

searching specific music file (shakira)

+inurl:wmamp3ogg site:rapidshare.de shakira


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