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Thursday, May 22, 2008

How To Safely Shave Your Pubic Hair

. Thursday, May 22, 2008

shaving pubic hair, cukur jembut memekShaving the hair "down there" has always been popular among male and female athletes but now the general public is viewing it as a grooming option. This tutorial includes several tips to help you prevent the problems that come with shaving this delicate area including bumps, rash, itching and ingrown hairs. Follow these tips, take your time and above all, be careful!

Step 1 Buy products made for the pubic area.

There has been an explosion in the pubic hair grooming products industry over the past few years. The advantage of using products made for this type of skin and hair is that the formulas normally contain less chemicals and more natural substances. Look for products that will reduce ingrown hair, rashes and bumps and that are perfume and die free.

Step 2 Get your scissors out.

Before getting started, trim the area you are shaving so long, unruly hairs do not clog and dull your razor. Stand with one leg on the side of your bathtub or on the closed lid of your toilet to get your best angle.

Step 3 Get out the bubble bath or shower gel!

Take a warm, 15 to 20-minute bath or shower to soften the hair and skin, exfoliate the pubic area and rinse completely. This helps prevent ingrown hairs. When finished bathing dry your pubic area.

Step 4 A new razor blade is a must.

Use a new razor blade and ALWAYS change your blade (or razor if it is disposable) as soon as you feel yourself pressing harder to get a close shave. Consider also purchasing razors with a smaller razor head to use in tight areas such as next to your thighs or very close to your genitals.

Step 5 This is where you use your foam or gel.

Prepare your skin with a shave gel or foam to make the razor glide more easily. At any time if you need more lubrication apply more cream or gel. It is very helpful to have shaving cream or gel that is clear or that lathers very little so you can see what you are doing and where you are going.

Step 6 Ready, set, shave!

Shave in the direction of the hair growth the first several times you shave. Go over the area with just one stroke. After every stroke tap your razor against the side of the sink to empty the cartridge and rinse the razor often. Once you have shaved completely wash your pubic area and thighs with warm water and a wash cloth. Dry the area completely.

Step 7 Use and ice cube and an astringent formula to prevent ingrown hair.

When you have rinsed and dried lightly rub an ice cube over the skin you shaved to close up your pores and then pat the area dry with a clean towel. Follow this with an astringent formula that contains salicylic acid to prevent ingrown hairs. You can use this type of formula in between shaves too.

Step 8 Moisturizer is the finishing touch.

Finish with a soothing moisturizer that is alcohol and fragrance free. Look for one that contains aloe to prevent redness and/or a rash. Exfoliate gently and moisturize your pubic area every day after you bathe or shower to keep that delicate skin smooth.

Step 9 What to do after you finish shaving.

Shave every other day for the first few weeks; then switch to daily shaving. In addition to moisturizer use 100 % organic shea butter daily after you shower or bathe to also prevent itching and inflammation.

Bonnie Jo Davis is a writer on assignment. She recommends the affordable pubic hair removal products from Hair Care Down There to help you get ready for summer.


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