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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Save Internet Neutrality Campaign, Offering Free "Great Sex"

. Saturday, May 3, 2008

Tanya Derveaux nude campaign
Tanya Derveaux, Belgian “politician” who make crazy campaign on how she again wants to get people’s attention this time by offering “great sex” to any nerd who proves to her that he’s a staunch defender of net neutrality. And once again, with convenience always in her mind, there’s a nifty “Get Laid” button. But before we forget, did she actually deliver on that promised 40,000 blow jobs?

No one sure if Tania or her friends at NEE are bullshitting us, but the only way to know is to hit and fill out Tania’s Blowjob Request Form, carefully read the Fellatio Terms of Service, and cross your fingers and hope that one sunshiny day Tania indeed would appear at your doorstep with her mouth deliciously hanging open. Oughhhh ...



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