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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

How to view friendster private photos?

. Wednesday, May 21, 2008

how to view friendster privat photos albums?
Friendster let it's members to save their private photos in a private albums. But, do you think that you can trust it 100%? Never! nothing secure on the net. People will always try to hack your private photos. So, never save your nude photos, hot pose, or your other private porn pics on friendster.

Well, try this method to see some one private photos on friendster. And you will know why I suggest you not to save your private hot pose, or you will suddenly be web porn star immediately.

open Ur Friend’s friendster URL…
Suppose Your Friend's Friendster Id is : http://www.friendster.com/user.php?uid=26098853. When u try to open and view private photos, you get, stopped.
That time the URL is :
Now ur taken to Friendster Private Photos Requestition Page
just do this
–>Right Click–> properties–> clickURL image properties… You get
a URL as : http://www.friendster.com/image-server.php/35/88/26098853/33403760906_private_m.jpg
modify www –> photos and Modify image-server.php –>photos
Now u get :
Copy dan Paste URL addressbad of browser and maka private photo visible so guys, watch out with uploading Ur photo’s….Coz, Nothing secure in Internet, Even Private Photos of Friendster. Beware Hack Friendster is not that easy and legal. Proceed Carefully with Hack.


nikki said...

"–>Right Click–> properties–> clickURL image properties"

which browser you are using (IE or FireFox)? And "Right Click" where exactly??....i m using firefox.. can u show me how to do..i m trying severals times

reynold said...

Latest Friendster private profile hack 2010 here:


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