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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Wordpress Magazine Style Themes (1)

. Tuesday, May 6, 2008

News/magazine style Wordpress themes become very popular among bloggers in recent days. Wordpress is the most powerfull blog platform which has been used by billion bloggers. Start from now, I will collect a series of wordpress magazine style themes so that you can choose the best one for you. and for this first time, I choose BranfordMagazine wich you can download for free from der-prinz.

Download the latest language pack (includes all languages mentioned above)


Tabed section and the lead story
BranfordMagazine features a lead story with a photo, a category title, an article title and an excerpt. This is part of the tabed section on top of the homepage. The content of the tabed section will be defined and configured in the “ui.tabs.php” file. Everything that is displayed as a tab and its content has to be configured here.

Featured articles
The idea behind the featured articles is to have a category for teasers, specials and whatever you like to show in a featured way.

Middle homepage column
In the middle column you can teaser the first article of any other catagory except the News and the Featured Articles (of course you can show these as well but does that really make sense?). The excerpt of the most recent article of each category will be shown here. In the demo you see the first one with a thumbnail image and the others without. If you like to give it a thumbnail you have to use custom field again. The key for this custom field is “rightcolimage” and it works in the same way as for the Featured Article and the Lead Article.

Special Page Templates: The Featured Page
This theme comes with two additional templates for static WordPress pages. One is the “Featured Page” template. Its purpose is to build a page that has some featured content on top that comes along with an image of the same size like the homepage image in the tabed section (300×200px). You have three different areas you can edit seperately by using - you guessed it - custom fields again.

Special page templates: The 3-Columns-Page
This template gives you the opportunity to display three different categories in a static page. It can be a nice starting point if you use it e.g as the entry for a news section with three sub-categories. You don´t have to enter any content via the WP write panel since this page shows the most recent posts from three categories that you define.



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