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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Tania Derveaux, Belgian Politician’s Nude Political Campaign, offering 400.000 (blow)jobs

. Saturday, May 3, 2008

Tania Derveaux, Belgian leading senatorial candidate
Belgian leading senatorial candidate, Tania Derveaux, has embarked on a literally naked political campaign, with the slogan: “I promise you 400,000 jobs.” What she probably meant was “400,000 blowjobs,” which would actually sound much better.

Belgian leading senatorial candidate, Tania Derveaux
Context News:

“Tania Derveaux, leading candidate for senate of the NEE party in Belgium goes completely naked for the party’s campaign and for Belgium’s most popular men’s magazine. Their official campaign involves billboards featuring her in all her naked glory with a very seductive look and the text “I promise you 400.000 jobs” above her.” This was submitted to WTFsrsly this morning along with these photos.

The country’s largest party (VLD) announced last week that it promises 200.000 jobs, shortly after that another prominent party (SP.a) states that it is aiming for 260.000 jobs. And now, Belgium’s newest and controversial party NEE promises 400.000 jobs and goes completely naked in the press and in their campaign images. Interesting strategy.



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