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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Terry Putri, Gallery Foto Artis Cekli!

. Sunday, May 25, 2008

foto artsi seksi

Terry Putri (Terry Naharyana Enani Putri) not tall enough for catwalk model (158 cm). But with her cute and sensual face, she now is one of top TV presenters and also top TV commercial star and actress. Sports presenter is her specialty. She’s warm and energetic girl. She was born in Banjarmasin December 1st 1979.

Terry Putri or wholy Terry Naharyana Enani Putri is actress, star model as well as presenter program the television. Terry start her career as advertisement star of a number of product, like Wim Cycle (1996) and PRV Electronic, (1999), and then be an artistic of role and presenter.

Sinetron which have stared of, among other things Radar Pahlawan Kebajikan (2000), Saras, Pembela Kebenaran (2001), Ryo, Penyelamat Bumi (2002), Cowok O.K. Cewek OK-WARKOP ( 2004), Putri Duyung 2 (2004) dan Sheila (2003-2004). As a presenter, Terry more famous as Master of Ceremony of programs of sport event, even some program game, quiz, take the air and talk show.
foto artsi seksi
foto artsi seksi
foto artsi seksi


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